A mantra for mothers

IMG_4241My morning meditation and start of a new 40-day mantra practice. I’ve been trying to see myself as someone who is already a mother, instead of getting stuck in the “one day” loop. As we wait for our foster-to-adoption home study finalization, I decided to chant a mantra focused on motherhood 108x a day.

This mantra honors different qualities often found in mothers: Sita = dedication & self-sacrifice; Radhe = devoted love; Kali = fierce warrior & courier of change; Durga = Ultimate protector. I already had the perfect guides set up on my altar – pictures of my paternal & maternal grandmothers and the path to Bahjí.

Jaya Jagatambe, Sita Radhe. 

Kali Durga, Namo Namah.

Victory to the mothers of the world, Sita and Radhe. Kali and Durga, I bow to you.