International Day of Happiness

There is no time like now to be happy…..but if you need a reason today is International Day of Happiness 🙂 “On this first International Day of Happiness, let us reinforce our commitment to inclusive and sustainable human development and renew our pledge to help others. When we contribute to the common good, we ourselves areContinue reading “International Day of Happiness”

Supported Headstand – Yoga 2012 goal

Although I don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions”, I am a planner and goal setter so I have a 5-year plan. I update my 5-year plan quarterly to keep track of my progress to goals or account for life’s unforeseen events (yes, I know I’m type-A and nerdy). Last year my yoga goals were to beContinue reading “Supported Headstand – Yoga 2012 goal”

Yoga poses as exercises for runners

While reading the December issue of Runner’s World magazine, I noticed that 2 of the 3 exercises recommended to “smooth” out ones running strides are yoga poses. In fact, I had just practiced those poses on a few days ago. Yoga = exercises for runners Half moon pose = Referenced as “Single leg reach”, improvesContinue reading “Yoga poses as exercises for runners”

Got bored one day

Saturday afternoon, I sat reading Runner’s World and listening to music. I have been feeling a bit restless lately and dreading winter. I then had two random/impulsive thoughts…. 1) I should run a marathon this winter. 2)I should create another blog to document my training and yoga practice. And this is how was bornContinue reading “Got bored one day”