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Between yoga teacher training, work, our upcoming move to CA and personal life – I’ve forgotten to post. Here’s what my April looked like in pictures. The hubby and I visited the Rubin Museum to view their Bodies in Balance exhibit. It was cool to see ancient Tibetan charkra maps and prayer beads made outContinue reading “Yoga, yoga, yoga, work, Brooklyn life, yoga, yoga, yoga”

That time I cried in savasana

Saturday was the first time I have ever cried during savasana (corpse pose). I’ve heard of people having emotional experiences during asana. From a technical perspective it made sense to me how this could happen. We store a lot of stress and emotions in our bodies and this can be released during practice. Also thoughts might comeContinue reading “That time I cried in savasana”

Choosing a mantra for my 40-day discipline

Part of the course work for my yoga teacher training program is to pick a mantra and chant it 108 times a day for 40 days. True to my over-analytical brain I spent 5+ hours this week rereading sections of Thomas Ashley-Farrand’s Healing Mantras, researching and picking a mantra.  I was looking for a mantra relatedContinue reading “Choosing a mantra for my 40-day discipline”

Light on Yoga – reading for yoga teacher training

Less than two weeks until my yoga teacher training course begins at Laughing Lotus! I’ve been chipping away at the pre-reading assignments for the course (various chapters from the five required texts). So far I am in love with part I from Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar. This book is often called the “BibleContinue reading “Light on Yoga – reading for yoga teacher training”

I’m officially enrolled in Laughing Lotus’ Yoga Teacher Training Program

It’s official!!!!!! After a 3-month tour of yoga studios in NYC, having coffee meetings with instructors, emailing past trainees and general online research….then doing some soul searching/praying/reflecting on what I truly wanted to gain from the training….. then filling out a fairly long and therapy like application….. I’m officially enrolled in Laughing Lotus’ Yoga TeacherContinue reading “I’m officially enrolled in Laughing Lotus’ Yoga Teacher Training Program”

NYC yoga tour (yoga studio reviews)

Looking to expand my yoga practice and wanting to explore possible yoga teacher training programs (YTTP), I’ve spent the last 2 months touring various yoga studios. I am an over organized type-A so I first researched over 20 studios online before determining which 5 to try out based on their YTTP schedule, curriculum and pricing.Continue reading “NYC yoga tour (yoga studio reviews)”