Road ID – wishing my fellow runners a safe run

Last month, I received a Facebook message asking me if I knew the identify of a “John Doe” runner who had collapsed in Prospect Park – I didn’t, but my heart went out to him and his family. “Word about the unidentified runner spread quickly online once the running community, including New York Road RunnersContinue reading “Road ID – wishing my fellow runners a safe run”

Treadmill Desk

My office has a brand new treadmill desk! Of course I had to sign up and try it out immediately. It was weird at first keying in 0.8 mph on a treadmill (normally when I’m on a treadmill I’m sprinting out a workout). However, I found it difficult to type if I went any faster.Continue reading “Treadmill Desk”

Race bling: race medal display

After years of storing my race medals in the bottom drawer, I’ve decided to display my marathon medals (my medals from half-marathons, 10 and 5 Ks are still stored away for now). I purchased a 30 inch “Victory Medal Display” board for $26…. by buying the plain “make it your own” version and painting blackContinue reading “Race bling: race medal display”