Stronger hips for better running knees?

I’m still suffering from knee pain. I took 7 days off then tried a few slow/short runs. The first run was fine but a few days later my knee started hurting after 2 miles. So I’m doing another 7 days of no running. If that doesn’t work I’m going to see a specialist. As theContinue reading “Stronger hips for better running knees?”

A week of no running :(

I’m taking a week off from my marathon training. I’ve been slogging through discomfort on the left side of my body for weeks now. However, last weekend the pain continued even on my rest/yoga days….So no running for me. I’m not sure exactly when it happened but I’ve seemed to have injured my left knee. As my husband likesContinue reading “A week of no running :(“

Sometimes you need to just slow down and enjoy the view

It’s been hard to stick to my marathon training schedule these past 2 weeks. The hubby, dog and I have been traveling between Ithaca and Westchester, NY. Both places got quite a bit of snow and bouts of 0*F weather. To cope we used tons of gym guest passes and tried to brave the freezingContinue reading “Sometimes you need to just slow down and enjoy the view”

Got bored one day

Saturday afternoon, I sat reading Runner’s World and listening to music. I have been feeling a bit restless lately and dreading winter. I then had two random/impulsive thoughts…. 1) I should run a marathon this winter. 2)I should create another blog to document my training and yoga practice. And this is how was bornContinue reading “Got bored one day”