Volunteering at the American Heart Association Wall Street Run

Thursday, I stood outside in the 90*F weather and burning sun guiding runners, answering questions and helping with the baggage claim area for the American Heart Association Wall Street Run. Why? NYRR’s 9+1 program (run 9 races + volunteer 1 and get guaranteed entry in 2014 NYC marathon) Although I’m really tired, I had fun…Continue reading “Volunteering at the American Heart Association Wall Street Run”

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 review

Saturday, I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon for the second time. The weather was perfect for running, somewhat cloudy and mid-50s. The heightened security post-Boston bombings meant runners had to arrive earlier. It also meant instead of the port-a-pottys lined up outside of the corrals they were inside with the runners. This made for someContinue reading “Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 review”

NYRR’s 9+1 = I’m going to be running a lot this year

I decided to sign up for NYRR’s 9+1 program*….. so basically I will be spending most of my time this summer/fall running races, training for races and eating & sleeping tons to replenish The things I do for guaranteed 2014 NYC marathon entry. My race calendar now looks insanely packed…..between the 9 required scored racesContinue reading “NYRR’s 9+1 = I’m going to be running a lot this year”

Arizona’s Lost Dutchman 8k trail run

The hubby and I spent President’s day weekend in Arizona. Yay for sunshine and hot weather in February!! I was originally supposed to run the Lost Dutchman marathon but an injury deterred my training. So I changed my entry to the 8K trail run my husband was already signed up for. We spent Saturday afternoonContinue reading “Arizona’s Lost Dutchman 8k trail run”

Runner’s high: for humans and dogs too

Watching the joy on Busu’s (our adorable Whippet-Jack Russel Terrier) face during this week’s run together, reminded me of this Economist article “Exercise and addiction”  http://www.economist.com/node/21552536 The highlighted scientific research explains not only why humans get addicted to running but dogs too…. Runner’s high for dogs and humans alike 🙂  Highlights: Running triggers the releaseContinue reading “Runner’s high: for humans and dogs too”

NYRR’s Brooklyn Half Marathon registration (Feb 15)

Last year the Brooklyn Half sold out in 10 hours! Sigh, it’s no longer just marathon races that close out fast. With so many people discovering the beauty, joy and love of running popular races of all distances sell out fast. In 2012, my husband and I ran this race together (a rare occasion that happensContinue reading “NYRR’s Brooklyn Half Marathon registration (Feb 15)”

Riverfront Park – Memphis, TN

I spent the last week in Memphis, TN for work. I took advantage of the warmer weather and “healed” knees and went for a few 4-mile runs. Riverfront Park makes for a lovely run. I really enjoy running by water. Surprisingly (or maybe not so going by the extremely unhealthy food here) I only passedContinue reading “Riverfront Park – Memphis, TN”