Great resources for teaching yoga to kids

Through my experience teaching Kindergarten – 4th graders yoga and sharing yoga with my two daughters, I feel like I now have a better understanding of how to share yoga with children. Yoga helps kids learn a nourishing and fun way to quiet their minds, exert excessive energy, connect with their bodies and breathe. I’ve found that using animalContinue reading “Great resources for teaching yoga to kids”

My 2015 Race Schedule

2014 held a light race schedule for me because of injuries and moving across the country. Sadly, I had to cancel my 2014 NYC marathon entry which was expensive but I have guaranteed entry for 2015 now. This year (Mungu akipenda) I’m looking forward to getting back to my marathon running self. May 2 – AmericanContinue reading “My 2015 Race Schedule”

Trail running is hard (Sierra Trail Half Marathon)

 Saturday I ran the Sierra Trail Half Marathon by Granite Bay. Although I have run some “trail” races before this was the first one that put me to the test. The other trail races were on dirt/sand paths but fairly flat. The Sierra Trail’s grueling 13.1 miles course was something else entirely – lots of steep inclines,Continue reading “Trail running is hard (Sierra Trail Half Marathon)”

What is Ayurveda? What Dosha Am I?

Since I’ve become completely engrossed and fascinated by Ayurveda, I thought I would compile an introduction with recommended readings and quizzes….. how very Pitta Kapha of me 😉 Ayurveda is a holistic science of life and health (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge). It focuses on maintaining a physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced state. It’s often oftenContinue reading “What is Ayurveda? What Dosha Am I?”

Did yoga, running or both strain my sartorius muscle?

Over the last 4 months, I’ve gone from running tons and yoga only 2x a week to yoga everyday and running sporadically. Now that the Baha’i Fast is over, winter is fading and racing season is starting it’s time to log those miles. EXCEPT, I think I’ve injured/strained my sartorius muscle. During a 3 mile runContinue reading “Did yoga, running or both strain my sartorius muscle?”

When winter gives you 41°F, go for a run

Ah, my spirit really needed that run. I do not handle the cold well so I use the elliptical trainer if it’s colder than 30°F. After a lot of freezing days, I celebrated today’s 41°F weather with a 3-mile run in Prospect Park with Busu. Even though I’m not a fan of snow, Busu LOVESContinue reading “When winter gives you 41°F, go for a run”