Race bling: race medal display

After years of storing my race medals in the bottom drawer, I’ve decided to display my marathon medals (my medals from half-marathons, 10 and 5 Ks are still stored away for now). I purchased a 30 inch “Victory Medal Display” board for $26…. by buying the plain “make it your own” version and painting blackContinue reading “Race bling: race medal display”

It’s official – 2014 NYC Marathon

  IT’S OFFICIAL – I’m signed up for the 2014 NYC marathon. After running 3 marathons in other states, I’ll finally be able to run the 5 boroughs I’ve come to know and love. Guaranteed entry feels so sweet. Although, I will be among the last to take advantage of the “lose 3 lottery entries,Continue reading “It’s official – 2014 NYC Marathon”

Philadelphia Marathon 2013: Finish strong

The 2013 Philly Marathon was excellent! It held all the things I love about running: individual struggles and triumphs, community, excitement,  unveiled strengths and passion. Marathon #3, this was my first “big city” marathon – #1 and #2 were smaller races that I picked for the super flat courses. As soon as I got off theContinue reading “Philadelphia Marathon 2013: Finish strong”

Best running/marathon related videos

With NYC marathon this weekend (I’m not running it but soaking in the energy) and my Philly marathon in 3 weeks…. I’m feeling excited/nervous and watching tons of inspirational and funny running related videos. Here’s my top 8….   Rise and Shine, Find your greatness – “You’re in a fight against an opponent you can’tContinue reading “Best running/marathon related videos”

Running together, apart

Last Saturday, a few running friends and I ran 20 miles of the NYC marathon course. I got so excited when I noticed that they put up the route flags along the course in Brooklyn & Queens. Even though I’m not running NYC (my friends are but I’m running Philly marathon on Nov 17), IContinue reading “Running together, apart”

Running through step-backs

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog entry – summer turned insane for me between work, travel, training for marathon #2 and life in general. It’s been a rough past 12 months but I am discovering my true self in the process and counting my blessings; I’m preparing for a life reset. The thingContinue reading “Running through step-backs”

Training Paces – I’m running my long runs too fast and my fast runs too slow

Like most runners, I often run my long runs too fast and my fast runs too slow. Lately I’ve been trying to force myself to slow down on my 10+ mile runs and really sprint my shorter ones. I found this super convenient training paces calculator on Runner’s World – http://www.runnersworld.com/tools/training-paces-calculator. You enter in your goal/actual paceContinue reading “Training Paces – I’m running my long runs too fast and my fast runs too slow”

NYRR’s 9+1 = I’m going to be running a lot this year

I decided to sign up for NYRR’s 9+1 program*….. so basically I will be spending most of my time this summer/fall running races, training for races and eating & sleeping tons to replenish The things I do for guaranteed 2014 NYC marathon entry. My race calendar now looks insanely packed…..between the 9 required scored racesContinue reading “NYRR’s 9+1 = I’m going to be running a lot this year”