A mantra for mothers

My morning meditation and start of a new 40-day mantra practice. I’ve been trying to see myself as someone who is already a mother, instead of getting stuck in the “one day” loop. As we wait for our foster-to-adoption home study finalization, I decided to chant a mantra focused on motherhood 108x a day. ThisContinue reading “A mantra for mothers”

Our journey to the sun: 108 Sun Salutations for Peace

This past Sunday, my husband and I joined ~100 fellow Sacramento yogis in 108 rounds of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) in front of the California Capitol building. The two hour yoga practice was part of Peace Day Sacramento 2014 in honor of the United Nations appointed day of peace. Teachers from a dozen local studios took turns leading us through the flow.Continue reading “Our journey to the sun: 108 Sun Salutations for Peace”

A summer of new beginnings – new state, new career, new lifestyle

Long time, no blogging. We spent June moving our New York lives to Sacramento, CA and being Sac-town tourists. Then I spent July exploring the Sac-town yoga scene and applying for jobs. August was spent adjusting to my new career. With gratitude I am teaching kids yoga (K-4 grades) at a charter school and adultsContinue reading “A summer of new beginnings – new state, new career, new lifestyle”

The sudden calm before the moving storm

I didn’t quite realize how hectic my life had gotten until suddenly the 3 most time consuming aspects of my life ceased. After four years, my last day of work at TFAll was last week. After four months of school sessions, mentor meetings, buddy meetings, required yoga classes, homework and self study – I’m aContinue reading “The sudden calm before the moving storm”