When winter gives you 41°F, go for a run

Ah, my spirit really needed that run. I do not handle the cold well so I use the elliptical trainer if it’s colder than 30°F. After a lot of freezing days, I celebrated today’s 41°F weather with a 3-mile run in Prospect Park with Busu. Even though I’m not a fan of snow, Busu LOVESContinue reading “When winter gives you 41°F, go for a run”

Runner’s high: for humans and dogs too

Watching the joy on Busu’s (our adorable Whippet-Jack Russel Terrier) face during this week’s run together, reminded me of this Economist article “Exercise and addiction”  http://www.economist.com/node/21552536 The highlighted scientific research explains not only why humans get addicted to running but dogs too…. Runner’s high for dogs and humans alike 🙂  Highlights: Running triggers the releaseContinue reading “Runner’s high: for humans and dogs too”