Supported Headstand – Yoga 2012 goal

Although I don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions”, I am a planner and goal setter so I have a 5-year plan. I update my 5-year plan quarterly to keep track of my progress to goals or account for life’s unforeseen events (yes, I know I’m type-A and nerdy). Last year my yoga goals were to beContinue reading “Supported Headstand – Yoga 2012 goal”

Yoga poses as exercises for runners

While reading the December issue of Runner’s World magazine, I noticed that 2 of the 3 exercises recommended to “smooth” out ones running strides are yoga poses. In fact, I had just practiced those poses on a few days ago. Yoga = exercises for runners Half moon pose = Referenced as “Single leg reach”, improvesContinue reading “Yoga poses as exercises for runners”