Great resources for teaching yoga to kids

Through my experience teaching Kindergarten – 4th graders yoga and sharing yoga with my two daughters, I feel like I now have a better understanding of how to share yoga with children. Yoga helps kids learn a nourishing and fun way to quiet their minds, exert excessive energy, connect with their bodies and breathe. I’ve found that using animalContinue reading “Great resources for teaching yoga to kids”

My 2015 Yoga Playlists

Below are four of my playlists (65 minutes each): Spring – I’ve been listening to more Yo-Yo Ma and cellist Dana Leong lately. I admit as soon as I heard Janelle Monáe had a new song entitled ‘Yoga’ I knew it would make it to my playlist. Plus I’m loving everything Hozier and James Blake. Pop mix – Some teachersContinue reading “My 2015 Yoga Playlists”

Yoga while traveling: practicing yoga in Italy and the San Francisco airport

The hubby and I spent an amazing two weeks in Italy. Beautiful sites, amazing coffee and food. I was not able to get in any running (not of fan of running on cobblestones, hills or winding streets). But I was able to get in lots of yoga and useage of my Manduka’s eKO SuperLite TravelContinue reading “Yoga while traveling: practicing yoga in Italy and the San Francisco airport”