About Kavisa

Kavisa Tree Pose Brooklyn BridgeKavisa invites you to join her in the journey of inner investigation of the body, breath and mind. After 14+ years of yoga practice, Kavisa has found that yoga helps:

  • Nourish the authentic self
  • Connect with ones body in a loving way
  • Provide a way to slow down thoughts and allow space for introspection
  • Harness the power of breath
  • Uncover negative patterns/habits (samskaras) for self-development
  • Balance the various aspects of ones personality (for example soothing her Type A/Pitta elements)
  • Tap into the sense of oneness with all beings
  • Strengthen muscles and increase flexibility


Kavisa is a native New Yorker now living in Sacramento, CA. She started practicing yoga in 2003 during university to complement her marathon training. She enjoyed awakening muscle groups and joints that otherwise would be neglected or stressed by miles of running.

Yoga took on a new level of meaning while Kavisa was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania. She began to explore the philosophy of yoga. The movement of poses cleared her mind and fed her spirit. The practice helped her manage stress and unpack past traumas. She became more at home within her own body and mind – embracing new dimensions of herself where she could live life more fully.

Inspired to share how yoga can nourish the authentic self and physical and mental health Kavisa decided to become a certified yoga teacher. She received her 200-hour certification from Laughing Lotus in New York City in May 2014, training with Dana Trixie Flynn, Mary Dana Abbott, Emily Stone and Essence Love.


Kavisa’s personal practice includes iRest Meditation, Yoga Nidra (a research-based protocol used by Healthcare professionals). This 10 step protocol uses BodySensing and BreathSensing to help you calm your nervous system, integrate difficult thoughts & emotions, and connect with your essential nature and somatic well-being.


Kavisa teaches yoga to both adults and children. Her style can be described as a thematic practice weaving in vinyasa yoga, philosophy (based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali), mudras (hand gestures), meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) set to flow inspiring music. Kavisa’s ‘gentle yoga’ classes provide space for yogis of all ages and ability to practice the healing aspects of yoga. In ‘mixed levels (power) yoga’ classes you’ll have the opportunity to explore a few challenge poses along with a vinyasa flow. Kavisa invites you to embrace the freedom to safely move like yourself – coming into your body, mind and breath.

Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah
Yoga is the control/stilling of the mind fluctuations (Yoga Sutras 1.2)

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