Yoga while traveling: practicing yoga in Italy and the San Francisco airport

The hubby and I spent an amazing two weeks in Italy. Beautiful sites, amazing coffee and food. I was not able to get in any running (not of fan of running on cobblestones, hills or winding streets). But I was able to get in lots of yoga and useage of my Manduka’s eKO SuperLite Travel Mat. Here’s how I fit in yoga while traveling:

  • Airports: I have not worked up the gumption to practice in the waiting areas, so I was very excited to use San Francisco’s airport yoga room. It made a 4-hour layover a calmer experience. The room decor is peaceful, quiet and warmly lit. My only complaint is that there is little air circulation, you will build up a sweat faster than normal. I compensated by practicing a gentler/slower flow so I didn’t have to spend the next 12-hour flight smelling 😉


  • Hotels/Airbnb: Most of our hotel rooms were super tiny while our Airbnb apartment rentals were spacious. However the hotel rooms provided even flooring and good wall space for inversion practice. Although the Airbnb rentals were big they tended to have the beautiful but slightly awkward stone flooring – Try practicing downward facing dog when your left foot is a few inches higher than your right because of stone size/placement.
  • Yoga studios: The internet makes finding a local yoga studio really easy. I searched for Ashtanga based studios because I would be familiar with the sequence and use of Sanskrit poses. We practiced at Florence’s ‘It’s all yoga Firenze‘. Although the teacher did some translating, Sanskrit created a common language among the English and Italian speakers.


  •  Outdoors: While in Assisi we went for a walk around Eremo delle Carceri (where St. Francis would go to commune with nature & God). It was secluded and peaceful. I found a spot and practiced a few poses, then meditated.


 How do you fit in your yoga practice while traveling?

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Yoga teacher (kids & adults) • mama of T, S & U via adoption + my belly • runner • wife • Bahá’í • introvert

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