A summer of new beginnings – new state, new career, new lifestyle

Stand Up Paddle on the American River
Stand Up Paddle on the American River

Long time, no blogging. We spent June moving our New York lives to Sacramento, CA and being Sac-town tourists. Then I spent July exploring the Sac-town yoga scene and applying for jobs. August was spent adjusting to my new career. With gratitude I am teaching kids yoga (K-4 grades) at a charter school and adults yoga for a Sac health club chain. I must say I am LOVING life right now.

Last year when I made the decision to work part-time to attend yoga teacher training, people thought I was crazy. I had so many moments where I doubted myself. After YTTP graduation and I quit my “office” job, I had a month of stress/tension headaches. My type A personality and Pitta self kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong… what if I turned out to be a terrible teacher…. what if I never get hired anywhere ….. what if I burn out after one year …. is this just a quarter life crisis….. However, along the way the universe continued to send me signs – randomly meeting people in the right positions, friends and teachers writing me encouraging notes, students giving me great feedback and circumstances coming together perfectly. 

Following your passion/dream requires courage, persistence and vulnerability. I’ve been embracing all that yoga continues to teach me, the great lessons in Brene Brown’s book ‘Daring Greatly‘ and the power of prayer, love and reflection. 

I’m looking forward to the next twelve month – more exciting changes coming 😉 


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Yoga teacher (kids & adults) • mama of T, S & U via adoption + my belly • runner • wife • Bahá’í • introvert

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