Did yoga, running or both strain my sartorius muscle?

Sartorius muscle
Sartorius muscle

Over the last 4 months, I’ve gone from running tons and yoga only 2x a week to yoga everyday and running sporadically. Now that the Baha’i Fast is over, winter is fading and racing season is starting it’s time to log those miles. EXCEPT, I think I’ve injured/strained my sartorius muscle. During a 3 mile run last week the diagonal muscle by my inner thigh started screaming at me. I had to alternate walking/running to get back home. The pain continued for the next 30 hours but was gone after 2 days. However, when I tried another 3 mile run it came back around mile 2. Cue the classic runner’s depression – we hate not being able to run.

My doctor husband (2 months until med school graduation) thinks that the combination of yoga and running caused the injury. As one of my yoga teachers says “People sometimes get down on themselves stating that their muscles are too tight for yoga. However, some tightness to a certain degree is useful, it keeps muscles strong and prevents over-stretching/tearing .” The theory I have is that increasing my yoga practice has loosened some muscles that are better kept tight for running. I’ve also noticed the as my hips get more and more open via yoga, it changes my strides while running and causes hip aches sometimes.

Now the question(s) is – Will my body adapt to all this asana practice and running? Do I need to limit certain yoga poses to help my running? How long should I reduce my running until my sartorius muscle heals? Why does the muscle only hurt when running?

“Sartorius comes from the Latin word sartor, meaning tailor. It’s sometimes called the tailor’s muscle because tailors used to sit in a cross legged position when working….The sartorius muscle is a large muscle in your upper leg. It starts at your outer hip, crosses over your thigh bone, continues along the length of your inner thigh and then ends just below the inside of your knee. This muscle is involved when you bend your knee to lift your foot up to the back, and it helps you to flex and rotate your hip. When this muscle is puled or injured, you may experience groin pain…. Treatment for this type of injury can include rest, ice, heat and various stretching exercises”

Yoga anatomy of the sartorius muscle 

How to Stretch the Sartorius

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