21 days of mudras and meditation (Hakini, Anjali and Lotus Mudra)

I signed up for my first Instagram challenge….. 21 days of mudras and meditation. Every day the hosts (@ireeyogi@ladiboomyogini and @yogi_peanut) post a mudra to use during meditation. The first week we’ll meditate for 5 minutes a day, 2nd week 10 min/day and 3rd week 15 min/day.

Mudras are symbolic hand gestures used in meditation, religious ceremonies, dance, sculpture, and paintings. Mudra (MOO-drah) means seal in Sanskrit, sealing in your intention/vow/prayer/mantra. “You can think of mudras as the sign language that springs from an open mind and an awakened heart (Kelly McGonigal)”.

Lotus Mudra (Day 1) – Like the lotus flower that grows out of mud yet emerges unsullied, beautiful and strong, this mudra symbolizes our ability to overcome life’s challenges and circumstances. I spent 5 minutes meditating using the mudra to bring my mind back to focus when it wandered. 1) seed sprouting in the mud 2) lotus bud 3) blooming lotus flower.

Lotus Mudra
Lotus Mudra

Atmanjali/Anjali Mudra (Day 2) – Atmanjali means reverence to the Self; Also called Anjali mudra (a gesture of reverence, benediction, salutation). This is Self with a capital “S” your true Self, not your ego driven self. Place your hands together in front your heart chakra leaving a little hollow space between your palms. At the close of your meditation raise your arms up high and spread them apart and take a few breaths.

Anjali Mudra
Anjali Mudra

Hakini Mudra (Day 3) –   The tips of our left and right fingers meeting in the middle symbolize balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This mudra is helpful for increasing your concentration and improving your memory. It’s associated with the 6th chakra (third eye).

Hakini Mudra
Hakini Mudra

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