That time I cried in savasana

Saturday was the first time I have ever cried during savasana (corpse pose). I’ve heard of people having emotional experiences during asana. From a technical perspective it made sense to me how this could happen. We store a lot of stress and emotions in our bodies and this can be released during practice. Also thoughts might come up that you’ve been ignoring/suppressing. But another part of me rolled my eyes when instructors talked about hip openers like a therapy session.


Saturday at Yoga Teacher Training the focus was inversions and arm balances. Dana (co-founder of Laughing Lotus) first took us through a 2 hour class to demonstrate how these poses can be incorporated into a vinyasa flow. Some of the arm-balances and inversions I couldn’t even get into, some I could get into but couldn’t hold for more then a few seconds and others I nailed – soaring high. I loved every minute of it. I didn’t see any of the attempts as failure or success, just exploring what my body can currently do. The pace of the class was so intense I was literally “sweating glitter” (LL studio loves having glitter yoga parties so my mat has lingering specks of glitter that sweat off my body).

When we laid down for savasana I felt deliriously happy, exhausted and high on life. Then a feeling of overwhelming gratefulness overcame me. I was so thankful for my practice, my faith, my yoga teachers, my ganas (fellow yogis), my life, my health and my loving husband. The more I meditated on all the blessings in my life the more overwhelming my gratitude until I felt tears streaming down the sides of my face.

“Inversions give us new perspective. When we see the world upside down, we glean new understandings. …Our view is a more intimate as we gaze deep down into our own hearts. When you take the time to look, what secrets does you heart want to share with you? In Inversions, we put our heart above our heads. Can you imagine how our lives – how the world would change – if we put our heart above our heads more often!” ~ Miriam Austin

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Yoga teacher (kids & adults) • mama of T, S & U via adoption + my belly • runner • wife • Bahá’í • introvert

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