Road ID – wishing my fellow runners a safe run

RoadID_wristLast month, I received a Facebook message asking me if I knew the identify of a “John Doe” runner who had collapsed in Prospect Park – I didn’t, but my heart went out to him and his family. “Word about the unidentified runner spread quickly online once the running community, including New York Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg, shared his photo on social media. (RunnersWorld)”. It took 10 DAYS for the hospital to identify Rynn Berry as he was only carrying an inhaler and keys when he went into cardiac arrest on a run.

Prospect Park is my favorite thing about Brooklyn, I’m often there with my two dogs and/or my husband at the dog run area or running loops. As a morning runner, I’m mostly there before the sun has fully illuminated the sky. If anything were ever to happen I make sure medics/people can identify me by wearing a Road ID sport wrist band or shoe ID. After receiving that sad Facebook message, I realized my husband’s new cell phone number was not on my Road ID so I ordered a new one ($19.99). Road ID_shoe

You can customize 6 lines of text to engrave on the surgical stainless steel ID tag. I included

  • my name
  • my city/state
  • (Husband’s name), phone number, Husband
  • (Mom’s name), phone number, Mom
  • (Father’s name), phone number, Father
  • Mungu ni Adhimu (A shortened Baha’i prayer “God is Sufficient/Significant” in Swahili)

I’m listing Road ID’s top ten reasons why their product is useful to summarize………
1. If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.
2. Road ID enables First Responders to immediately contact family members and friends.
3. Road ID enables family members to provide additional details about your health or give consent for potentially life saving procedures.
4. Road ID enables hospital staff to locate vital medical records.
5. Road ID can communicate medical conditions or allergy information to medical staff.
6. Road ID can prevent serious delays in treatment by saving crucial time during the “golden hour” of medical treatment.
7. It’s far better to have Road ID and not need it than to need Road ID and not have it. It’s not just a piece of gear, it’s peace of mind.
8. Accidents happen far more than you think they do. Each year approximately 450,000 of us are taken to hospitals unconscious and without identification.
9. Road ID looks good on and makes a statement about your athletic lifestyle – not to mention that studies would probably prove that people that wear Road ID are considerably smarter than those that don’t.
10. Road ID can save your Life. Period.

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