New Year’s Eve 5K + Yoga class: running and OM-ing into 2014

New Year's Eve RunI spent the last day of 2013 doing all of my favorite things: I took a great class at Laughing Lotus Yoga, snuggled up with a book and the pups, spent time with my husband, prayed/reflected then ran a 5K just before midnight.

The class I took at Laughing Lotus Yoga was PACKED. As to be expected since owner Dana Flynn was teaching. There is something very powerful and beautiful about 70+ people chanting OM at the same time… I think our OMs reverberated the entire Flatiron district. Plus, we were lucky to practice our asana along with live kirtan/mantra music performed by Calia Marshall and Jim Beckwith.

Later my husband and I ran Brooklyn’s New Years Eve 5K Run in Prospect Park. It was FREEZING at 11:25 pm when the race began. So cold I couldn’t feel my feet or hands until the last mile. But we had fun running in the dark with a few hundred other runners all wearing glow sticks and blinking lights. We crossed the finish line minutes before midnight, just enough time to grab some complimentary hot chocolate to toast the New Year. We stayed for a bit to watch the fireworks then fled the cold for the warmth of our apartment.

All in all my idea of a perfect NYE. So excited for the many and dramatic changes/new beginnings 2014 has in store for us 🙂

Laughing Lotus Yoga NYE
Laughing Lotus Yoga NYE

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