Yoga novel reviews: Downward Dog AND The Karmic Connection

I’ve read tons of books focused on running – both biographies and novels…. So for my week long vacation in North Carolina I decided to see what the literary world of yoga novels had to offer – By yoga novel I mean stories where the central theme is yoga. After spending some time reading book reviews I decided on 2 e-books:

  • Downward Dog by Edward Vilga
  • The Karmic Connection by Libby Mercer
  • 20131116-140629.jpg Downward Dog received a 4 out of 5 rating from me. I loved the book, especially how the sections were organized around different yoga asanas. The character bluntly describes why he likes certain poses and how they relate to his life. Through all his step backs and triumphs yoga is still there for him. It was a perfect mixture of life and the beauty of yoga. Anyone who has ever questioned if they are “yogi” enough to practice/enjoy yoga will appreciate the candor.

    Summary: “The tale of a handsome Bad Boy who becomes a yoga instructor while trying to redeem his womanizing ways and win the forgiveness of the only woman he’s ever really loved. Down on his luck thanks to a failed nightlife venture which fell apart because of his womanizing, our hero’s stuck with massive debt and broken dreams. His only safe haven is the yoga world, and when his well-connected best buddy launches his yoga career among NYC’s elite, our working class hero becomes a guru to society’s top 1%, a wolf let loose amongst a flock of comely sheep.”

    20131116-141550.jpg The Karmic Connection received a 2.5 out of 5 stars from me. The novel was basically your typical chick lit/romance novel with an ending you predict within the first 10 pages. The only difference is the romance takes place at a wellness center between a yoga teacher and guest. The connections to “yoga” were superficial at best.

    Have you read any good books with a yoga theme lately? Please share in the comments.

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