Yoga in Kenya

The African Yoga Project was featured in The Guardian this week. I’ve been following them on Facebook for awhile. I can’t wait until they expand from Kenya to Tanzania (where I lived for 2.25 years and visit occasionally). Until then I’ll just continue Facebook stalking them 😉

“The African Yoga Project trains and employs 71 teachers, who give free classes to children and adults and earn 10,000 shillings (£82) a month. They can earn up to 26,000 shillings (£197) a month offering private lessons. Gitonga, who teaches 150 students a week at the Eastleigh orphanage, said yoga allows him to support his parents and afford his own flat. For the orphans at Eastleigh, yoga is the most popular activity after football.

africa yoga project

Francis Mburu, 25, an instructor from the Kangemi slum, said the practice was helping to break down barriers in the city. “I’m from the slum, but I go to teach in someone’s mansion,” he said. “They start seeing you in a different way.” ….. Mburu describes yoga in life-changing terms. “I used to be violent because of using drugs,” he said. “What yoga did was give me a choice.” Now that he is healthy and employed, Mburu’s devout Christian mother, who once feared that yoga was a cult, asked him to show her some poses. “I taught her at the house,” Mburu remembers. “She was so tired afterwards.”


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