Marathon Training Schedule: Spreadsheets, Jack Daniels & Purpose

11 week marathon training schedule My hesitations and anxieties about training for a marathon in 11 weeks reduced to nil once I sorted out my training schedule. Something out laying out every mile makes it seem more feasible/tangible.  Plus I love excel (I use it for everything from personal budgets to trip planning)!

To build out my training schedule I modified Runner’s World 16-week training plan and incorporated tips from Daniels’ Running Formula. If you love scientific data and tons of Heart Rate (HR) and maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) related stats, then I recommend taking a look at the book Daniels’ Running Formula. Admittedly  a lot of the information in the book was too overwhelming for me. The main points I took away were:

  • The importance of having a purpose for every training session
  • The varying types of trainings with corresponding duration per session, HR max and VO2 max

The best table in the book is 2.1 “Types of Training, with Purpose, Intensity, and Duration per Session”. You’ll notice that I color coded a different purpose/training for all of my daily running sessions.

  • E (easy) – Promote desirable cell changes and develop cardiovascular system – 59-74% HR/65-79% VO2  – Runs longer than 16 miles/90 minutes OR short recovery runs
  • M (marathon race pace) – Experience race-pace conditions for marathoners; as an alternative easy pace for others – 75-84% HR/80-90% VO2  – Steady runs (less than 16 miles) or long repeats
  • T (threshold) – Improve endurance –  83-88% HR/88-92% VO2 – Tempo runs (20-60 minutes) or cruise intervals (intervals are 5-15 minutes)
  • I (intervals) – Stress aerobic power (VO2 max intervals) – 95-100% HR/98-100% VO2max – interval or Yasso 800s (Repeats up to 5 mins with jog recovery, total less than 10K)
  • R (reps) – Improve speed and economy Mile race pace or faster Speed reps and strides (repeats up to 2 mins with full recovery)

The book also details how to calculate HR and VO2 max. I’ll be using my Garmin and heart monitor for most of it.

How do you plan out your training schedules?

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