Yoga poses as exercises for runners

While reading the December issue of Runner’s World magazine, I noticed that 2 of the 3 exercises recommended to “smooth” out ones running strides are yoga poses. In fact, I had just practiced those poses on a few days ago.

Yoga poses as exercises for runners

Yoga = exercises for runners
Half moon pose = Referenced as “Single leg reach”, improves hip and ankle stability
Hand and knee balance = Referenced as “Bird dog with touch”, improves force transfer from your limbs to the torso, which stabilizes the pelvis

The more I practice yoga, the more I feel like all runners should try it. For some reason I find it hard to remember to do post/pre run exercises. It’s easier for me to crave out 30-60 minutes to practice Vinyasa yoga. I love the confirmation that I am indeed “hitting two birds with one stone”.

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